Bright sunny apartments in the center of Sochi. You'll have free highspeed WiFi, air conditioning, comfortable bed and sofa, led TV, washing machine and ironing facilities, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen with microwave and toster - everything you need for a great holiday! Need something else? Ask any questions!





Apartments in the center of Sochi is located in the central part of Sochi, near the main promenade of the city. You'll find yourself in the heart of the resort, the city of miracles, and immediately plunge into its stunning atmosphere. Enjoy a rich choice of cafes and restaurants, singing fountains, an unforgettable atmosphere of the resort.


Apartments by the sea находятся в 10 минутах езды на «Ласточке» от центра Сочи, в п.Дагомыс. Вас ожидает ласковое, чистейшее море в дагомысской бухте, полностью оборудованный пляж со всеми удобствами, множество прибрежных кафе и прекраснейшие закаты у моря!



About us

Hello! We are Igor and Alexandra. We'll be glad to meet you in the most affable and sunny city of Russia. 24 hours on call for your comfortable and comfortable stay in the apartments near the Black sea. Any questions about renting apartments in Sochi? Call us!


Tel. +79130222255 (WhatsApp)

Email: nemikin87@gmail.com

Наши реквизиты: ИП Немыкин И.В. ИНН: 22210962145 ОГРНИП: 316222500056212 Фактический адрес: г.Сочи, ул.Воровского 5. We are in Internet:

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